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"There is something about Kepos Street Kitchen that made my heart skip a beat." 

I've heard many positive reviews about this place so I had great expectations! Kepos earned a chef's hat and it's close to my place. How great is that? Since I live in Zetland, I had a fifteen minute walk to Redfern. I went pass, Devon on Danks then Puer and finally I spotted it. There, the beautiful yellow sign of Kepos Street. 

Kepos has a wonderful, simple white interior. Its simplicity made me feel more relaxed and at ease. I went there during the weekdays so it was not as packed as usual. I only had to wait 10 minutes to get a table. Thank goodness!

As I waited, I looked at their beautiful pastries/baked goods in awe. I've heard that the pastry options changes all the time. I'm curious of other pastries that they will provide in the future as the ones I saw looks stunning!

Kepos provide middle-eastern food with a twist. Since it is very rare to find a middle-eastern brunch place, I couldn't decide what to order. Everything in the menu looked like heaven! I wish I could order every single one of them! 

Famous Kepos Street Kitchen Burger ($19)
Moroccan Lamb ($18)
My favorite dish is the Moroccan Lamb Cigars. It is combined with watercress, soft boiled eggs and goat cheese. I think the combination of the lamb and the goat cheese is just perfect! I don't think it would taste this perfect if they had chosen another type of cheese. Since I love yum cha so much, cigars somehow reminds me of a Chinese lumpia! However, I think that's just me!    
Look at that lamb-goodness!
The service is great and the ambience is lovely. The outdoor seat was windy, but the view was gorgeous. Even though I went there during the winter, it was a sunny winter day, the perfect weather to have brunch outside.

Overall, I truly adore Kepos Street Kitchen! From the food, the place and the service. Everything here is great! I do suggest to come on weekdays because some of my friends went there on Sunday and had to wait nearly an hour just to get a table. Ah, well, the things you do to eat good food am I right? 

Address: 96 Kepos Street, Redfern NSW 2016
Favorite dish : Lamb Cigars

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