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My housemate and I decided to celebrate my very very late birthday by indulging our taste buds with something special. Fine dining is on the top of our list. LuMi is very famous for its unique Italian infused Japanese dishes. Since I adore both Japanese and Italian cuisine, LuMi seems like a good idea.

LuMi's entrance
LuMi gave me a grand entrance. The interior and exterior of this place is simply magical. It looks like a modern glass house. I love how instead of using wooden walls, LuMi has glass walls everywhere! This is a perfect decision since it has a view like this....

Pyrmont Harbour
A fine dining restaurant with this view actually has a price tag under $100. Wow! I am proud to say that I am quite a cheapskate sometimes. So, this price tag definitely made me incredibly happy. I chose the four course $55 lunch special and I fell in love with it.

LuMi's open kitchen
I love how LuMi is brave enough to have an open kitchen set. Having this type of kitchen in a restaurant is bold. As customers are allowed to look at how the kitchen works, LuMi has to maintain a good standard. I think it's great. I love transparency. It makes me believe in the chefs and the restaurant. After all, kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. 

Since we're having an early lunch, my housemate ordered a cup of cappuccino. You know what they always say: 'Everything gets better with coffee!' 

To start
I'm not a fan of bread starters, however I'll bear with this one since it has my favorite cheese sticks. Now, moving on to the first course!

The chefs, preparing our appetizer
The first course did not take long. Before we even finished our bread, the lovely little egg soup came. It looks like an ordinary Chawanmushi, but don't be fooled by how it looks! Its taste is quite unique.

Italian Chawanmushi
Like an ordinary Japanese Chawanmushi this dish has a very soft egg custard texture. However, the parmesan consomme that LuMi added, made this dish stands out. It taste quite savory and I can really taste the strong flavor of the cheese. I can still feel the Japanese Chawanmushi in it, but I also taste the Italian side of the dish. This dish like a perfect marriage of Italian and Japanese cuisine.

Chicken Onion Macarons and Mushroom Biscuits
This one is a surprise. It's not on the menu so I was pleased when I see it. I love surprises! The chicken onion macarons taste weirdly addictive. Macarons are generally sweet, but this one taste savory. The after-taste is somehow salty and leaves me wanting more. Now, the mushroom biscuits on the other hand is not for me.

Mushroom biscuits
See that that blurry red biscuit at the back? Yup, that's how it looks like when you left it for too long. Apparently you have to eat it right away when it's still frozen. When I first ate the melted one, my friend told me that I looked like I just ate something poisonous. Well, maybe she's exaggerating, but the melted one does taste bad. Like, really bad. Please don't make me recall that taste.

Zanalleto on the move
Luckily, the owner, Federico Zanalleto saw my expressions and spotted our melted biscuits. He told us about how it's supposed to be eaten when it's frozen and got us a new one. I must say this really impressed me. I haven't even say a single word and he already noticed the problem. The frozen one taste nice. I actually like the idea of frozen mushroom biscuits! It's not crunchy, it has quite a thick mousse texture with a salty after-taste. Even though it taste better when it's frozen, it's still a little bit too salty for me. Nevertheless, I like the idea! 

Burnt Semolina, Spaghetti, Quail and Marjoram
Well, the spaghetti is quite interesting. I like the crunchy burnt semolina and the fresh Marjoram. They both blend really well with the pasta. The quail is a good combination with the three, but still... the one that makes me really enjoy this dish is the burnt semolina. It gave a playful side to a serious dish. 

Lamb, reek and red miso

The lamb ribs is a winner. I love how tender the lamb is and how sweet it taste when marinated with red miso. The crunchy skin at the top and the lemon zest on the side created a great contrast against the sweetness of the lamb. 

Look at that tenderness... and that juiciness!
Picture speaks a thousand words so, yes. Yes. Lamb juices everywhere. Is that even a word? Lamb juices? 

Ginger ice cream with white chocolate, passion fruit meringue & ginger swirls

The dessert proves to me that "All that glitters is not gold" sometimes it's ginger ice cream. The presentation of this dish is simply stunning! It's like opening a treasure chest! I love how they added a dusty gold garnish, creating an illusion of old hollywood glamour. The ginger ice cream taste not overly sweet and I love how they add a savory passion fruit meringue inside. Contrasting the sweetness of the ice cream. I enjoy it so much that I want to order another one. This is definitely my favorite dish!

Happy late birthday to me!
Yup! Since it's my birthday... I got a candle on my dessert! Yay! The one on the left side is my friend's dessert. Apparently that's how it looks like if it's not your big day.

Reynold Poernomo & I
You know you're in a good restaurant when Masterchef's contestant Reynold Poernomo, the King of desserts, eat there too! Definitely going back here again! Everything about LuMi made my heart and soul melts!

LuMi Dining

Address: Wharf 10, 56 Pirrama Rd Pyrmont, NSW 2009 Favorite dish : Ginger ice cream

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