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My sister and I went on an afternoon tea date at Peacock Lounge, Fairmont Hotel Jakarta. I have heard that this new place at Fairmont Hotel has one of the best cakes in Senayan. Since I adore cakes and teas, I knew right then that I have to book a table for two. It's afternoon tea time~

Fairmont Hotel Lobby
When we both entered the lobby, I was magically stunned by the simplicity of the interior. It's very modern and large. They made sure that the space is not fully packed with different interior. Its focus is to made sure that the guests feel welcomed and comfortable. 

Fairmont Hotel Lobby

Once we entered Peacock Lounge, we could really feel the homey ambience. Everything is filled with pastel-colored interior. The softness of the interior design really made it looked feminine and lovely. The perfect design choice for an afternoon tea.

Peacock Lounge
The one that stunned me the most is the afternoon tea itself. Instead of a regular afternoon tea set, it is placed inside a jewelry box. The unique idea made me thrilled and surprised. This is the first time I experience this kind of afternoon tea. I especially love the glass on the top of the box. It reflected all the beautifully decorated cakes and pastries.

Afternoon tea in a box
One of my favorite afternoon tea treat is smoked salmon sandwich, mainly because I love anything that has to do with salmon. This time I am truly pleased that Fairmont offers the smoked salmon sandwich. I especially love the garnish on top of the sandwich. What a beautiful sight.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

One of the disappointment I had was how limited the choice of tea they offer. There were only two free tea from the afternoon tea set: Darjeeling and Pink Flamingo tea. They offer other types of tea, with an extra charge. The Darjeeling tasted like how a Darjeeling tasted, musky and a little bit spicy. I picked this tea to neutralize the sweetness of the cakes. My sister chose the Pink Flamingo. It tasted as sweet as the panna cotta offered there and smelled like a bouquet of flowers. She loved the Pink Flamingo more since she adore anything sweet.

Afternoon tea at the Peacock Lounge

One of the pastry-chef's skill that I truly adore is their skill for baking mousse. This type of cake requires practice to achieve that soft and cloud-like texture. I find their mousse well-made, however they did not offer my favorite type of mousse in the afternoon tea set, the passion fruit mousse. That's why I had to order one. Boy, that was the best decision I made that day. The passion fruit mousse tasted perfect, just like the mousse I had in La Renaissance Sydney. The mousse is very soft and fruity, while in contrast it also has the crunchiness of the coconut. Yup, definitely my favorite.
Coconut Passion Mousse
Since I was very pleased with the passion fruit mousse, my sister ordered their chocolate mousse. I find the chocolate mousse delicious as well. I love how they added fillings inside and biscuits as the foundation. The different combination of textures leaves me wanting more.

Chocolate Mousse
I find the fruit tart quite average, however I think the banana bread went overboard. I felt like they added three banana bread since they only offer small scones, however I still felt like banana bread is too heavy for an afternoon tea. 

Fruit tart and Banana Bread
To sum up, I had a wonderful afternoon tea experience at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta. I love their pastel-colored interiors and their afternoon tea in a box. Their Coconut Passion mousse is a must try and I really hope they added more teas in their afternoon tea set. Regardless, will be back for more!

My sister and I
Oh and I forgot to mention how nice the staff was. When I asked them to take a picture of me, they immediately responded nicely. I must say that I was surprised when the waitress knew how to use my Canon SLR camera. She even knew which place has better lighting and directed us to a good spot. Wow! I am truly impressed!

Peacock Lounge cake selection

Address :
No., Jl. Asia Afrika No.8, Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

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