Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar : Review

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Tea is always a good idea. That is why, I literally jumped when I found out there is an organic tea bar in Redfern. I love the idea of tea. It is the idea of sweetness and joy. I fell in love with tea time, ever since I first read Alice in Wonderland. Alice chased down the white rabbit and fell into the deep dark hole, down into the rabbit hole. There she met new friends and attended a tea party in wonderland. I think this is why they named the place: Rabbit Hole.

Rabbit Hole
I love the all-white interior of this place. It sorts of reminds me of the magical land that Alice landed in. It was simply out of this world. Not something that I can see everyday.  The lighting and the tea collection simply enchants me.

That yellow cups
One of the little things that I love about this place, is their yellow cups. It is simply too cute to be true. I have always loved yellow, it is truly the brightest most happiest color of all. When I see their yellow cup, I couldn't help it. I just had to take a picture of it. Look at that tiny little yellow cups! Okay, I need to stop talking about cups and more about their food.

I ordered the white peony tea, while my friends ordered coffee. I love how they use a timer for my tea. This way, the tea can stop brewing at the right time and the flavor will not turn stronger. The white peony has a very soft aroma. Almost invisible, but it's there. Trust me. The color is golden and bright, just like how a Bai Mu Dan is supposed to look like once brewed. I find the taste quite mild with a bit of sweet and savory put together.

That card!

I also love their attention to detail. Oh my, just look at our table number. They use cards to represent our table number. Such a creative idea! It truly made me feel like Alice in Wonderland.  

Lapsang souchong wild mushroom, hommus topped toast
Rabbit hole's expertise? I say, plating. They are very detailed and artistic when it comes to plating. My friend ordered the mushroom toast and it looks stunning. In terms of taste, the mushroom blends well with the lapsang souchong. I can definitely taste my favorite mushroom here: Enoki. The crispiness of the mushroom blends well with the toast and the tea.

Avocado topped toast with edamame, sprouts & Green Roibos Dressing 
Well, there is nothing more healthy and organic but a vegetable toast. My friend ordered this toast and it taste like... well, vegetables. I'm sorry. I truly am not a fan of vegetables, so it tasted quite too green for me. My friend who ordered this find it okay and she told me the avocado really stands out. Anyways, I still adore the plating of this dish. Those flowers are too beautiful to be eaten.

Pork with Spicy Mango, Red Cabbage and Cucumber Slaw on Milk Bread
Finally! A dish with meat inside. I find it hard to order something that suits my appetite here since almost every menu in Rabbit Hole has no meat in it. After all, this is an organic/healthy brunch place. This dish is quite alright. I find the pork nicely marinated and soft enough to please my palate. Unfortunately the mango tasted a bit too sweet for me. Nevertheless, it is still unique and this is the first time I ate pork and mango together inside a milk bun. So, kudos to the idea!

Topped toast with smashed beet, fetta, crispy chickpea, mint and oolong tea infused balsamic glaze
One of the prettiest dish that we ordered that day was the beetroot toast. The purple color of the beet truly stands out and the sauce also looked almost purple-ish. Making the dish too fashionable to be eaten. My friend told me that it the beet tasted sweet and the oolong tea blends well as a sauce. Well, at least I can assume that it may taste as sweet as it looks.

Healthy brunch

Tea, tea, where art thou
We can smell the teas they provided and it was fun. The scents are all unique and my personal favorite is the banana split tea! That one truly has the scent of a legendary dessert :)

Tea collection

In conclusion, I find Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar nice and sweet. The ambience is lovely and perfect for tea time. This is the place to go if you're on diet since everything is organic and it has very little choice of meat in the menu. Love, love the teas. They are really good at it and even has a matching tea pairing for every cakes and dishes you order. Yes, it truly is tea bar, alright.

Address: 146 Abercrombie Street,Redfern, Sydney


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