White Taro : Review

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The name White Taro really enchants me. Mostly because I love the color white and I love Taro. This new brunch place in town is located next to the famous Reuben Hills cafe. However, during the weekend the queue and waiting list is just as much as Reuben Hills!

The Front door
The front door is all white, which truly symbolizes the name White Taro. I love how simple it looks. The simplicity made the place all the more beautiful. The inside of this place is quite small, however you can see that there is a small hallway full of hanging plants. This leads to a small garden where guests can enjoy their brunch. We didn’t eat there because the place was full, but we will definitely get that spot some other time!

The garden
I ordered their famous deconstructed bhan mi. I found this little beauty on instagram and I immediately fell in love with their photogenic presentation. I especially love how they separate everything on the plate. It creates a creative approach to the traditional bahn mi.

Deconstructed Bhan Mi
The highlight of this dish is the pork belly slice! I mean, it's crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside! It truly is a heavenly taste. To be honest, I was expecting a thicker slice, but that's alright. The taste made up for it. The visual is very pretty. The edible flowers on top of a pork belly is too beautiful to be true.

Pork Belly

Since I know this portion is not enough for me, I also ordered their french fries. Nothing could ever go wrong with that! I love how they chose this round artistic plate. It made the french fries looks a little more fancy.

French Fries
The next dish that my friend ordered is the Salmon Scrambled. It's a classic brunch with toast, butter, salmon, eggs and asparagus. However, the classics are always the best. My friend likes to stay safe when she ordered something on the menu. The taste is pretty good and the salmon blends well with the scrambled egg. She gave the dish a thumbs up!

Salmon Scrambled
The whole dish on the table
At the end of the day, we ordered tea. The tea at White Taro is organic and served in a beautiful tea pot. That day the waiter recommended their Foraging for Berries. The tea is PINK! I mean, it doesn't get better than that. The taste is really fresh and I can truly taste the mixture of berries. Although it is not sweet, this is a herbal tea. Which is good for our health! 

Foraging for Berries Tea
Because it was raining outside, we are trapped inside of the cafe. Neither of us brought an umbrella and the owner was kind enough to give complimentary muffins as we wait. Their blueberry muffin is really sweet and soft. I especially love their chocolate muffin because the chocolate is melted inside! Well, anything free always taste better!

Complimentary muffin
Overall, I truly enjoyed my visit to White Taro. This Vietnamese fusion brunch place is small, but the food is great and the service is lovely. Since the owner worked there too, the whole crew was very warm and friendly. It looks like they truly enjoyed working there. I think this place is also a nice place to be in if you like to read or eat alone. I saw a man sitting alone and the waiter and waitresses would chat with him sometimes. Everyone here was so friendly!


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