Steamed Fish - Recipe

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Steamed Fish
Sydney is very cold today since winter is coming. As I wore my knitwear and autumn dress, I traced the remaining ingredients inside my kitchen. The gloomy weather made me crave for something warm, hot and spicy. However I also want to plate up something healthy to avoid getting sick.

This steamed fish recipe is perfect for a pre-winter dish. I remember my mom used to make a less simpler version than this one. She didn't use chili or the soy sauce, but this time I want that kick of spices to brighten my grey cold day.

The recipe is from the lovely Grace Teo of Nyonya Cooking, you can get the recipe link Here

Her recipes are very simple and easy to make. She recommended using a white skinned fish, since I can't find one in my local supermarket... I ended up using trout instead. It still taste absolutely amazing! I also use more wine to the fish to enrich the flavor as I love Shao Xing Wine so much.

My housemate ended up eating this with white rice even though she was on diet. I mean, steamed fish and rice is like peanut butter and jelly. So, of course eating it with rice is a no brainer. Over all, I love this recipe so much, I hope you enjoy the pictures I took as much as I enjoy cooking them!

Thank you for reading!


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