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As soon as I walked into So 9, I couldn't take my eyes off my camera. Each little corners inside of the restaurant speaks volume. The grey stones, wooden lamps, watercolor painting and the neon lights made me smile. I found out later that the owner of the place is an architect. Well, that made a lot of sense!

So 9 is not your typical Vietnamese restaurant around the corner. It has its own twists of modernity and simplicity. The dishes are not too spicy and just enough to kick up your taste buds.

I personally find their spring rolls very traditional. They played by the rules, but I must say that the sauce is not as strong as your regular Vietnamese dip sauce. You can however, ask for other sauce if this one does not satisfy your palate. My housemate personally like a stronger dip sauce, but I am happy with mine. The simplicity of the dip sauce made room for the spring rolls to shine.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
The Vietnamese Pancake is one of my favorites. The crispy texture is perfect and who doesn't love a good crispy pancake? The only problem was that it is quite hard to eat it without leaving crumbs on the plate. I love it regardless!

Banh Xeo Hai San Vietnamese Pancake

Today's special is the marinated pork belly. They don't have it everyday, but today is my lucky day. I love their sauce so much. It reminds me of my aunt's cooking when I was a child. The pork was cooked long enough that it became extra moist and melted beautifully in your mouth. The sauce is rich and perfect to be poured all over your rice. Yum!

For dessert, the menu changes all the time (how great is that?) The waitress showed us their special dessert from their iPad. My housemate and I decided to ordered the mango tango. This one is special since the sticky rice is toasted, making the rice crispy on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside. What a perfect end to a wonderful evening!

18 Danks Street,


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