Haven Cafe

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Haven is a wonderful cafe near Central Station. I love their glass doors and how easily it welcomes the sunlight in. If we're talking about the interior, it is very simple yet very warm. Their simplicity in decor, does not provide justice to their food. 

Truly, their egg waffle is quite a masterpiece. I love their green tea ice cream, red bean and green tea fondant. Since the ice cream is quite sweet and the green tea fondant is quite bitter, it blends very well together.

Egg Waffle

I love their cold brew as it is rich in flavor and quite strong. The glass bottle also looks very antique and special. Creating a memorable coffee experience.

Cold Brew

Their flat white is very nice and I noticed that they always provide raisins on the side for every coffee they serve. The sweetness of the raisins contrasts the coffee, creating a wonderful balance.

Flat White

In summary, Haven is a wonderful cafe in terms of location, coffee and food. Their egg waffle is a must-try and their cold brew is top notch.

I hope you enjoy this review, have a wonderful day!

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